Leader in pizzas delivery

DIABOLO PIZZAS, your best Pizzeria in Lausanne and its surroundings. We guarantee an ultra fast delivery of Pizzas, Snacks and drinks. The waiting time is between 20 and 30 minutes max.
If you prefer to be on site to enjoy a DIABOLO PIZZA, come and visit us in our restaurant, located at the rue Williams Fraisse 9, at the bottom of Lausanne train station. And enjoy our beautiful terrace in front of the park of Milan.

Online Delivery, Quality & experience

Delivered in DiaboloMobiles !!!

In our Diabolomobiles, there is a furnace and thus always a hot fire… Then to the hell the condensations and soft pizzas! The DIABOLO PIZZAS are delivered crusty like devil because they nicely finish and being bronzed while delivered to you… Hot straight on your table. Diabolic, isn’t it?

Delivered devily Fresh & Hot !!!

The Diabolo PIZZAS are prepared only with ultra fresh products. Even if sometimes we must go find them at the green devil. The sauce is daily prepared with fresh tomatos only!